About Us

Hello, Im Tiana and Im the maker of everything you see in this shop. I was first introduced to plant medicine by my mother when I was a little girl growing up in the bay area of San Francisco, we would spend a lot of time in nature and would make different herbal concoctions at home. As a teenager I healed myself from irregular menstrual cycles with herbs and that’s when I first understood the power of plants. In my late twenties I rediscovered my love for herbs and wanted to study more so I went to school for Chinese medicine in Santa Monica but I ended up dropping out to travel the world instead (very happy with that decision). 

During my travels I would learn about different medicines being used in the different cultures I lived in. I spent a decade traveling and simultaneously studying books and seeing clients abroad. When I returned to America in 2019 I was ready to open my own line of herbal medicine and with the help of my mom and many synchronicities, including the name “Stardust Apothecary” this magical line was created. The name “Stardust Apothecary” came about one summer in Bodrum when I was day dreaming about having my own line of herbal medicines. My guides told me to paint the labels with my illustrations and the name stardust just came to me from the Agaen sea. Years later I told my mom about the name and she told me that she too had the same download with that same name. 

The way I make my medicine is the way my mom taught me; With intention, in ceremony meaning each bottle is created with intention and its made on auspicious planetary days like new moons, full moons and eclipses. The medicine is potent. Im using alcohol extraction to get the most medicine out of each plant and only water extraction for the plants that require it. When I leave a gallon of medicine under the eclipse I can really feel the difference and we believe this would be how our ancestors did it to capture more powerful energy. I cherish my eclipse medicine and the ones that are made on those powerful days so this is why we decided to do it this way. 

I am currently in the Online herbal academy getting my clinical herbal license and preparing to apply for the American herbalism guild. 

A lot of the herbs used in these products are wild foraged and home grown and the rest are bought from organic sustainable herbal farms in the area of Northern California. 

(Self portrait is a painting I did with my favorite milk thistle while on a mushroom journey)